Meetings with Remarkable Men (Show Me the Hero) (Harvey Danger) Letra

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I had a lovely brunch with jesus christ. he said, "two words about inanity: fundamental christianity." the food was very nice.
But then he had to go and die for my sins and stick my ass with the check. "show me a hero and i?ll write you a tragedy," (go near an open window and that?ll be the end of me).
I bowed before the avatar. he said, "the problem?s clear to me: you never got over morrissey."
I said "well, right you are!" "it?s so much harder to be underfed than under-understood," he said.
I went to see kip winger! he said, "in my day we knew how to party; bands today, c?mon, not hardly."
He had a back-up singer (doo doo doo doo). he said, "the metal scene is a disgrace, but i ain?t got no dog in that race!"
Don?t despair, your mother loves you. don?t be proud because she has to. don?t despair, your mother loves you. don?t be proud, she gotta.

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