Trial by Fire (ThouShaltNot) Letra

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Here and now it doesn't matter
The highway you have taken
For now as you awaken
You're underneath new skin
I'm setting you in motion
And opening your eyes
And underneath these skies
You'll forget all whom you've been
I dust away the plaster
From off your breathing body
You're touching your autonomy
You'll never be the same
And fingers grab at nothing
For the first time they are feeling
For the first time they are healing
As I whisper your new name

I sculpt your nature within
I am your Pygmalion
Go now into the world
Trial by fire

The passing of an hour
The splitting of a fraction
A chemical reaction
Is waiting to fluoresce
Your mind is still rewiring
The colors of the morning
The sound of hornets swarming
The glow of my caress
And have you seen the outside
The world that lies beyond us
Where streets are paved with jaundice
Where innocence forgot?
And have you seen the future?
So hard is it to hold you
So hard is it to mold you
To something you are not

And can you live on your own?
I give you up, I turn to stone
Go now into the world
Trial by fire

Start to move
Uncertain with each step you take
What is gentleness beyond my eyes
Beyond my bodyscape
Turn and look one more time
See me brimming with saltwater brine
Away you run
Away I give

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